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Star Deed - The original web site that provides name a star services that are cataloged into The Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog. Free Priority Mail shipping within the United States.

Christian Stars - Due to popular request, we have created a special version of Star Deed that is geared toward those of the Christian and Catholic faiths, which includes blessings and verses from the scriptures.


Veteran Stars - Honoring our members of the military.




Note: The Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog only recognizes real stars that have been registered by web sites which are approved by The Millennium Chronicle. These web sites are listed in our Name A Star Services Directory. No other web site, company or organization may claim affiliation or partnership with The Millennium Chronicle or its online star databases. We are not affiliated with or associated with any name a star company that is not listed in the directory. The Millennium Chronicle is owned and managed by EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet, The Millennium Chronicle, Star Deed, Star Wishing, Veteran Stars and Christian Stars are copyrights of EcoPlanet. Copyright 1992-2021. All rights reserved.