the Millennium Chronicle

The Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog is the original online database that was created specifically for name a star web sites that are approved by the Millennium Chronicle. The Millennium Chronicle is responsible for maintaining the Star Catalog, which is normally updated at least once every 24-48 hours.

We encourage people to use the Star Catalog. Spend an evening, with a clear dark sky, searching for the stars in our database, which can be found online. See how many you can find, and learn more about the stars, planets, and universe. It's not only educational, it's fun!

The International Astronomical Union is the only organization that is recognized by all astronomers. The stars in our database are cataloged with the Millennium Chronicle, which is not used by the scientific astronomical community. There are several different star catalogs that the scientific community does use, each can have different names and numbers for the same star. However, none of the databases that the scientific community uses can offer name a star services. The Millennium Chronicle fulfills this need.

We do guarantee that The Millennium Chronicle, and any of the web sites that affiliate with The Millennium Chronicle will not duplicate the catalog listing of any star in the Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog, and that the record will be maintained in the Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog. It cannot be renamed by our services. There are people from all over the world that do use the Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog to locate stars. This service, and all other star naming services, are a novelty. The Millennium Chronicle is a very unique and thoughtful gift of recognition and appreciation that many people have enjoyed receiving over the years. Below, you can see a number of celebrities who have received a star from a friend, loved one or fan club:

Some Of Our Starring Members...

Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Isaac Asimov Counting Crows Drew Barrymore
Naomi Campbell Jackie Chan Cher Hillary Clinton
Jacques Cousteau Joan Crawford Walter Cronkite Tom Cruise
Whoopi Goldberg Elton John Magic Johnson Britney Spears
Greg Louganis Madonna Bette Midler Marilyn Monroe
Olivia Newton-John Leonard Nimoy Rosie O'Donnell Elvis Presley
Barbra Streisand Lily Tomlin Oprah Winfrey Garth Brooks
Phil Collins Princess Diana John Lennon Frank Sinatra
Akira Kurasawa Bill Gates

And many more!