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Finding A Particular Star Listing

All stars are listed in order of the Star SAO Number. This is the large number printed in large type at the center of each Star Deed, next to the Constellation Name.

To find a particular cataloged star, please look on the Star Deed certificate and locate the Star's SAO Number. Using the FIRST TWO DIGITS of your SAO Number, select the link in the drop-down menu to the left that matches your Star Deed. Then scroll down until you find the official Millennium Chronicle listing that you are looking for. Enjoy!

Do you have a star named in the
Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog?

If so, please make sure to add a link on your personal page so that people can see your star listing. It's easy, just copy the following code into your HTML page:

Guess what? I have a star named after me. It is so cool! To see it, please look for SAO Number ###### at this link:  <a href="" target="_blank">See My Star!</a>

NOTE: Make sure to replace "######" with your star's SAO Catalog number. Enjoy!

Note: The Millennium Chronicle's Star Catalog only recognizes real stars that have been registered by web sites which are approved by The Millennium Chronicle. These web sites are listed in our Name A Star Services Directory. No other web site, company or organization may claim affiliation or partnership with The Millennium Chronicle or its online star databases. We are not affiliated with or associated with any name a star company that is not listed in the directory. The Millennium Chronicle is owned and managed by EcoPlanet. EcoPlanet, The Millennium Chronicle, Star Deed, Star Wishing, Veteran Stars and Christian Stars are copyrights of EcoPlanet. Copyright 1992-2021. All rights reserved.